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FAQs - Accessibility Requirements

Q: In Change of Use, as regarding accessibility, what applies?

You would apply Chapter 34 of the North Carolina State Building Code, section 3409 for existing buildings. Also, section 3409.4 if the project is a change of use, and section 3409.6 for an alteration. Any new building elements in the scope of work would conform to Chapter 11 of the NCSBC.

Q: What are the applications of “technical infeasibility”?

Sec. 1.8g Materials and Methods determines the extent of “technical infeasibility”. The definition of technical infeasibility is found in Sec. 1.3 Definitions.

Q: What about mechanical, electrical, and plumbing requirements regarding technical feasibility?

The NCRC has some technical requirements besides the scope requirements.

Q: What happens when you are dealing with narrow stalls and cannot
upgrade to 56”x60”?

First check out alternate stall minimums. If you have a situation that is technically infeasible with regards to accessibility then you must reach an acceptable compliance with the code enforcement official. It is important to understand maneuverability.

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